Improving the environment MTFC TATA Responsible mining

We are creating high quality, well-paid jobs for local people

We are investing substantially to improve the environment

We have contributed millions of pounds to local community projects

We produce quality Welsh coal to meet demand from major Welsh customers

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We are committed to mining responsibly and minimising any impact for local people

Who We Are

We are a mining and resources company that has been responsibly operating “The Ffos-y-fran Land Reclamation Scheme” in the Merthyr Tydfil Area since 2007.

Alongside mining quality coal, we are restoring land that was once derelict, unstable and unsightly, to create a much improved environment which will benefit local people, hill farming and wildlife.

We have now submitted a planning proposal for a second project incorporating surface mining and land remediation to Caerphilly County Borough Council. The proposed site is called Nant Llesg, located at the Heads of the Valley between Merthyr and Rhymney.


Current Projects


Ffos-y-fran is a continuing success story for Welsh industry that makes a considerable contribution to the local community, in terms of providing high value employment, real benefits to the community and long term environmental improvement.

The demand for the coal that we produce at Ffos-y-fran remains very strong particularly from the Tata Steel works and the Aberthaw power generating plant. This has enabled us to recruit, train and retain a local labour force that possesses highly prized skills.

A key part of our philosophy is that the local community should share in the success which is why we set up the community fund which is administered by Merthyr Tydfil CBC, which has so far raised over £5million for local projects. Much more will follow.

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Nant Llseg
Nant Llesg

At Nant Llesg we want to continue our record with Ffos–y–fran. With Ffos-y-fran we set out to prove that a significant modern mining site could coexist with the local community and deliver considerable benefits over the lifetime of the project.

We want to apply the same principles to Nant Llesg and show that mining much needed Welsh coal can make a positive contribution to the long term social and economic development of the surrounding area.

The very nature of surface mining means that our operations will rightly be under constant public scrutiny and regulatory supervision. As such we recognise that gaining the trust of the local community is a prize that we have to work very hard to achieve.

As with Ffos-y-fran much of the proposed Nant Lesg site has previously been worked for coal by former generations. This means that there are a large number of potential health and safety hazards on the site which prevent or limit public access. These threats will be removed by the mining process we propose and we will remediate the land, so that over time we will create a better environment than is currently the case.

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