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Before work began


The Project

Ffos-y-fran involves the use of surface mining and environmental restoration techniques to reclaim and rejuvenate land that was previously derelict, dangerous and unstable.

The scheme has currently restored around 74 acres of land at the Ffos-y-fran site. Once we have finished the restoration process, there will be 910 acres of land fit for upland grazing, safe access for use by the community and greater bio diversity. To put the scheme into perspective, the total area of land to be rejuvenated is the equivalent of approximately 400 international size football pitches!

Over the course of the Ffos-y-fran land reclamation scheme, we will extract up to 11 million tonnes of coal from Ffos-y-fran. As of today, we have extracted over 5 million tonnes of coal from the site.

Ffos-y-fran was granted planning permission in 2005 and, as a direct result, has created high quality jobs for approximately 200 people, with over 80% living within 10 miles of the site. This number significantly increases when indirect jobs are taken into account.

Local people also benefit from a community fund, managed by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council ,that will eventually accumulate up to £11 million worth of contributions Рarising directly from coal production at Ffos-y-fran. This fund has already supported a range of projects and initiatives that are greatly valued by the community and there are more in the pipeline.