Helping to Power Wales

Helping to power Wales

Some people may be surprised to know that coal mining in the UK is still a significant industry, worth over £1 billion to the British economy.

Coal currently provides around 40% of the UK’s electricity, a percentage that rises at peak periods in the winter months. Yet only 17% of the coal used by UK power stations is supplied by British coal mines. To avoid costly imports, it is important that British companies continue to produce coal until other energy sources become viable.

Regionally we supply coal to Aberthaw power station and to Tata Steel which proves that our product plays an important part in producing steel and energy for South Wales. Our Welsh coal is an integral part of Tata Steel’s steel making process at their Port Talbot Steelworks, which helps to contribute some £3.2bn GVA to the Welsh economy.

In Wales coal producers and their customers employ over 8,500 people between them. These are vital jobs, often located in areas that desperately need them.

We are proud to support these essential Welsh industries and Nant Llesg will enable us to keep on doing so for another 15 years or more, quite apart from keeping the lights on in local homes.