Resolving Environmental Issues

Resolving environmental issues

We are committed to improving the environment for the residents of Rhymney, Fochriw, Pontlottyn and the surrounding areas. With our Nant Llesg scheme, we are looking to remediate the old, unstable mine workings to make the site safer, more accessible and more productive for community use.

The proposed scheme is called the ‘Nant Llesg Surface Mine, Incorporating Land Remediation’ and covers approximately 1181.4 acres of land in the County Borough of Caerphilly. It is proposed to mine approximately 6 million tonnes of coal using surface mining methods and to carry out land remediation works within and adjacent to the surface mine to address public safety and land drainage concerns.


The Nant Llesg scheme incorporates the following benefits as part of the development proposals:

  • Mineral Workings at the Nant Llesg Surface coal mine to recover approximately 6 million tonnes of valuable Welsh coal by surface mining methods;
  • Remediation of old shafts, adits and mining dereliction associated with former iron ore and coalmining which will improve public amenity and create safe conditions for public access to extensive areas of land, including improvements to the quality of mine water discharge into the River Rhymney;
  • Land remediation to reduce silting of Parc Cwm Darran Lake, involving drainage works on the site of a former colliery tip and tip washing scheme to help address the scouring of tip material into the adjoining watercourse and reduce the build-up of silt at the lake at Darran Valley Country Park;
  • Permanent road improvement works at the junction of Fochriw Road and Bogey Road to improve visibility for traffic using the junction;

Investigate, treat and/or remove Waste Materials from within part of a licensed inert landfill site that currently lies over the coal excavation area;


Restoration and aftercare of the land, which includes restoration of the land in accordance with an approved restoration strategy and aftercare of the land for a minimum period of five years, including the restoration of land to open mountain grassland, interspersed with woodland belts and a substantial package of new paths as a public amenity and the creation of areas of nature conservation (and geo diversity conservation) as part of the restoration scheme, together with substantial off site biodiversity benefits.

Hole-in-ground Wood

Early Land Remediation

As part of the surface mine and land reclamation scheme, Miller Argent would be fully responsible for early remediation of areas of the site to include:

Remediation of the old shafts, adits and mining dereliction on substantial areas of land outside that required for the operation of the mine;

Tunnel Entrance

Extensive drainage works on the site of a former colliery tip and a tip washing scheme help to address the scouring of tip material into the adjoining watercourse, thereby reducing the build-up of silt at the lake in Darran Valley Country Park.


If given planning consent the early remediation works which will see, in total, over 380 acres (32% of the total site area) being returned to public assess. All of these works will be completed within 36 months from the commencement of the project.