Modern mining techniques

Miller Argent prides itself on being a responsible operator employing the latest modern mining techniques, combined with the proactive management of any environmental risk.

As with Ffos-y-fran we want to be a good neighbour to the local community. This means constantly assessing our impacts upon others and diligently implementing mitigation techniques to prevent any problems from developing.

Under the ISO 14001 standard, we will put in place comprehensive measures to carry out environmental monitoring of noise, dust, vibration and water quality.

Monitoring points will surround the perimeter around Nant Llesg in addition to those within the local community.


Any visual and acoustic impact specific to Rhymney will be addressed by building a screen around the excavation area. We will also use only the most modern plant available fitted with the latest sound control technology. It should be noted that noise levels are strictly regulated and policed by the local council.



We will use the same tried and tested methods as with Ffos-y-fran. These include a combination of 50,000 litre water bowsers, static and mobile fog cannons and proactive management systems in place to ensure that rising dust is strictly limited.

Monitors to measure dust from the site will be located around the perimeter of Nant Llesg and within the local community. The dust monitors use established ‘sticky pad’ technology. Their purpose is to measure any dust deposited and the direction it came from and as a result they will be regularly changed. We will seek permits with the relevant authorities including Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Air quality

Air quality monitoring points

We recognise the importance of air quality to the local community. Therefore extensive monitoring will take place combined with proactive management techniques to minimise the generation of dust particulates at source. A monitoring scheme and associated limits will be established by Caerphilly County Borough Council which we will abide by.


At Ffos-y-fran we have successfully implemented an effective vibration monitoring plan with the local community over many years. We intend to use a similar approach at Nant Llesg. This would involve a combination of permanent monitors located within the communities and portable monitors set up on site to record blasting activity. All such activity, as might be expected, is subject to strict planning conditions and limits which we must adhere to.

Water quality

Water quality
24 hour water monitoring

Water quality is clearly a matter of importance to local communities and regulators therefore we intend to implement a similar quality assurance system to that has worked successfully at Ffos-y-fran. This involves monitoring for both in changes in pH and suspended solids in the water. All water discharges are licensed, regulated and policed by Natural Resources Wales.